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Author: Frank Peretti

Publisher: Monarch Books

Date: 2012

ISBN: 978-0-8572-1326-6


“The studio audience cheered and applauded as the Man strode boldly into the floodlights, white mane shining, face pleasant, eyes steely. “Good evening. The art of magic is built upon a covenant between the performer and his audience: he will attempt to fool them, and they will let themselves be fooled in the full knowledge that the magician is only an actor pretending to be a magician, performing the impossible, but through trickery and illusion.”

Illusion is the title of the book, and it is so appropriate.

Illusion grips the reader from the first page where Dane Collins loses the love of his life Mandy Collins, until the last sentence on the last page.

Dane and Mandy Collins was a couple who worked together for almost thirty years. Their act was very popular and they were very good. Then the tragedy happened, and Dane loses his love and partner, Mandy. He is warned that due to his grief his imagination could play tricks on him –seeing Mandy as if she was still alive –an illusion.

Dane’s grief for the loss of his wife, and Eloise’s questions about her life is an interesting combination that enhances the mystery that needs to be solved.

Dane meets the nineteen year old Eloise who is in every respect a young Mandy. She also does illusion acts and use doves in her acts, like Mandy did. From the beginning he is presented with the puzzle of who is Eloise?

“Roger was busy behind the counter, but she held his attention the moment he saw her. “Oh, what’s this?”

All she could say was, “I thought I’d try being myself tonight.”

Is she real or is it his imagination? Is the spirit world real? Is God and our relationship with Him a reality to us, or do we perceive the worldly illusions as more real to us than our Creator?

Illusion illustrates our relationship with the Holy Spirit beautifully. The love story portrayed reminds me of our love story with our Saviour Jesus Christ. How He pursues us as Song of Songs describes it, and our yearning to be united with Jesus.

Illusion is more than a love story and it is more than a mystery. I enjoyed the book tremendously.


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